Near Death Experiences, The Bible, and Reality

Individuals who have had brushes with death experienced occasions like bible teaching. Does this give another feeling of reality to what the holy book educates?

The subject of what happens to individuals when the pass on has frequented people since the get-go. Religion gave answers to mankind to numerous hundreds of years with accounts of an eternity, yet with the beginning of science, confidence started to fade and individuals started to accept that demise was the finish of cognizance.

Nonetheless, during the previous a very long while, an ever increasing number of occurrences have been accounted for of individuals having brushes with death in which their bodies were clinically dead yet their cognizance endured. During these encounters, individuals have seen occasions that equal messages from the Bible.

Numerous individuals who have had brushes with death report seeing that their otherworldly body is appended to their physical body by a silver line. Stanzas one through seven of the twelfth part of Ecclesiastes emblematically follow an individual’s excursion from youth to death and refrains six and seven state “Or ever the silver line be relaxed, or the brilliant bowl be broken, or the image be broken at the wellspring, or the wheel be broken at the storage. At that point will the residue re-visitation of the earth as it was and the soul will return unto God who gave it.” Is this only an incident? Strikingly, there are other scriptural topics detailed by individuals who have had brushes with death.

Brushes with death of Dr. George Ritchie and Howard Storm

One of the first brushes with death announced was that of Dr. George Ritchie who “kicked the bucket” of pneumonia in 1943 while at training camp in Texas. Dr. Ritchie detailed in his book Return from Tomorrow that after he understood that he had gotten isolated from the physical piece of himself, he saw a light in the room that got more brilliant and more splendid, more brilliant than “the entirety of the lights on the planet.” Dr. Ritchie then understood that it was a man who was made of light that had gone into the room. A voice then revealed to him that he was within the sight of the Son of God.

Others who have had brushes with death have announced considering Jesus to be a being of light. Howard Storm detailed in his book, My Descent Into Death, that he had been a nonbeliever until his brush with death. After he was isolated from his physical body, he was directed away by voices to a position of complete murkiness where he was violently assaulted. Mr. Tempest at that point shouted “Jesus, if you don’t mind spare me.” Then he saw a light in the murkiness that quickly moved toward him and encompassed him. The light lifted him up and recuperated him of the injuries he had endured during the assault in the dimness.

Mr. Tempest and Dr. Ritchie additionally detailed encountering another characteristic of Jesus: love. In Return from Tomorrow, Dr. Ritchie says, “Definitely more than power, what radiated from his essence was unrestricted love. A bewildering love. And adoration passed my most out of control envisioning.” In My Descent Into Death, Mr. Tempest reports that he realized that he was “by and large genuinely adored and acknowledged.” Mr. Tempest said “The light passed on to me that it cherished me such that I can’t start to communicate. It adored me such that I had never realized that adoration might be.”

Scriptural Similarities in Near Death Experiences of the After-Life

The records of Dr. Ritchie and Howard Storm (who has since gotten a Reverend) are like Biblical teachings. Jesus stated, “I am the Light of the World, he that followeth me will not stroll in haziness, yet will have the light of life.” (John 8:12). At Matthew 17:2, the good book reports that the messengers saw Jesus changed into a being of light: “his face shone as the sun, and his clothing was white as the light.”