4 Tips to Keep Your Closet Super Organized

Does your morning routine involves frantically rummaging your closet for something to wear before you rush off to work? Have you looked at other peoples’ closets inside luxurious apartments such as buy g residence kl property, seni condo mont kiara or buy pantai hillpark property sale and envied the way it looked?

Have you ever looked at a photograph of yourself and thought “hey, I wonder where that shirt went”? Do you have a sofa or chair in your room where you just throw all your clothes onto? If you’ve answered “yes” to all the above questions, then there is a high probability that your closet is screaming for help.

An organized closet has many benefits. For one, it helps you locate your clothes easily. You will remember the exact location of your favourite pair of jeans, which is especially useful in the morning when you cannot remember anything before a cup of coffee. Fortunately, you do not have to hire a professional or even buy a bigger closet to do the job. Read on to discover a few helpful tips to keep your clothes super organized.

1. Categorize
Sort your clothes by type. Put your pants, shirts, dresses, jackets etc. in separate places, and group similar clothes together. Then make sub-groups such as special occasions and weather. Finally, separate your undergarments. Once you’re done categorizing your clothes, go through every item carefully in each group and donate anything that you don’t wear often. This will make your closet less heavy and decluttered overall. Also go through all your pockets and keep a small container nearby to place any loose change, safety pins, receipts and whatever else you may find in your pockets. Sometimes we tend to place something valuable inside our pockets and remember it later. If you are looking for seni mont kiara kuala lumpur for sale or buy pantai hillpark for sale, better to make sure there is enough space for your closet!

Along with this, you should also sniff your clothes to make sure nothing belongs in the laundry hamper. Avoid throwing your clothes on a chair when you’re changing, as this is usually where all your clothes are bound to get lost.

2. Hooks, Everywhere
Hang your favourite accessories such as handbags, necklaces, and hats by placing hooks near your vanity mirror and dressing table instead of stuffing them inside your closet or inside drawers. This will also help you plan outfits better, as well as make your room appear more aesthetically pleasing. It is also easier to place them back as you do not need to close or fold them carefully. Hooks also make it harder for your jewelry to get tangled onto each other which is what usually happens when you place them inside a box or drawers.

3. Invest in Organizers
If you do not have a huge closet, you can still create plenty of space for your belongings by purchasing some good organizers and storage boxes. These include a shoe rack, sock drawers with dividers for each day of the week, and bypass doors to separate your doors. You can even create storage bins yourself by painting or placing fabric over a basket.

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